Why Us?

We are a leading manufacturer of a wide range of At Home and Away from Home tissue products. We specialize in Tissue Converting and Paper Converting to provide the highest quality products and services to our customers. Equipped with Paper Converting Equipment and Tissue Converting Equipment, our facilities allow us to manufacture and create the products that you need.

Texas Tissue offers an innovative and tailor-made service for its Customers through its two Business Area: Private Label and Contract Manufacturing.

Paper Converting and Tissue Converting Company

Texas Tissue Converting offers an innovative and tailor-made service for our customers through the two-business area: Private Label and Contract Manufacturing.

Since our foundation we have focused on further development that ensures the high quality of our products that meet all our customers’ requirements offering a diversity and growing range of products. Our business strategy is based on our MISSION and VISION, which leads us to be a reliable source for your tissue supply needs.

By choosing products that represent environmental sustainability and corporate transparency you are being a fundamental part of responsible consumption and improving the quality of life. We grow Together. For more information on Texas Tissue, our mission, and our vision, visit our Company page for an in-depth look at our business.

  • Quality

    Quality is one of our prime missions, more than a mission is our philosophy.

  • Innovative Technology

    The innovation is a continuous process in Texas Tissue. Innovative Technology for high quality tissue products.

  • Team Work

    Texas Tissue team sets heart and mind in their job to achieve the best.

  • Logistic

    Efficient service to meet the needs of our customers.




Texas Tissue Private Label Paper Converting
Texas Tissue Contract Manufacturing Paper Converting


Product capabilities per line

  • All packaging configurations from 1’s to 60 rolls/pack
  • Bundles, Cases, Trays and DRP (Display ready pallets)
  • Laminated and non laminated products
  • BRT and KRT (selected size)
  • Diameters up to 6.5″

Product capacities per line

  • Case Products: from 3500 – 5000 cases/day
  • DRP (Display ready pallets): 250 – 400 pallets/day
  • Trucks: 7-10 trucks/day